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Since 2003, I have been coaching Cohousing residents and many others who are seeking to have more community in their lives. If you feel called in that direction and are ready to close the gap between where you are now and finding more community, I invite you to
contact me to explore how we can work together to help you better define and find what you are looking for.

Learning More
To learn more about Cohousing, visit the Cohousing Association of the United States' (
website) or email me, I would be glad to tell you more and point you towards what you are looking for.
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One of the most enjoyable ways you, and yours, can learn about and experience Cohousing is to visit communities. One way to do that is to sign-up for a Cohousing community tour. I organize local (SF Bay Area) tours and would be happy to refer you to other folks around the country who do the same.
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CoHousing: A Contemporary Approach To Housing Ourselves -- With this book, now in its third edition, Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant introduce cohousing with stories and pictures of both Danish and American communities. Beautiful photographs and line drawings illustrate the warmly written account of how these communities came to be. Specific information on legal and financial aspects of working with developers, group process, and design issues make this book informative as well as inspiring. This is the book which brought Cohousing to North America.

Point of clarification: This is the much prized second edition of the book — which I have several copies of to sell.

If you would like one or more copies of this book mailed to you or to someone you would like to introduce Cohousing to, please email me. Each book is $15 (1/2 price) plus postage and packing. A case (18 books) discount is available too.
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Cohousing Discussion Group
This email discussion group - aka Cohousing-L - has about ~1000 subscribers in North America and abroad. It was created in 1992 and has been maintained by Fred H Olson ever since.

Cohousing-L participants live in cohousing, are exploring cohousing, are forming new communities, or offer goods and services to the cohousing market. With hundreds of postings per month, you'll see people's questions, requests for advice, replies with advice and answers, anecdotes, and the priceless collective wisdom of the online cohousing community. Most of the information provided is very useful. Posts are individual opinions, so use at your own risk!

Instructions for subscribing
To join the Cohousing-L discussion group, visit the information and simple subscription form

The Cohousing-L archives
Read my lips: These archives are fully SEARCHABLE. A resource which is often overlooked and way under appreciated. To acknowledge the outstanding contribution and tireless support of Cohousing-L, and to get your inquiries addressed, please contact Fred Olson, of Communications for Justice. Thank you Fred!