I am a European transplant who was born in Holland, has lived in France, Switzerland, England and now the United States.

My professional life began with managing two extraordinary retail businesses; music and high-end audio in London, England and, ergonomics in Berkeley, California.

I serve my community as a Co-Active life and business development coach; helping individuals discover the best version of themselves and supporting them in living a meaningful, productive, profitable and joyous life. I am particularly passionate about working with people who are ready to better themselves, grow their business and become more aware of as well as learn to overcome the stuff that gets in the way of living a joyful, rich and juicy life. I am also Director at 2.Oakland’s - which is assisting with nurturing and growing the tech and Innovation ecosystem in the SF Bay Area. LinkedIn

I use David Allen’s GTD and Leo Babauta ZTD processes and related technology tools to improve productivity - which make finding things, staying organized and being more effective easier and fun!

For 10+ years, I was a board and staff member of The Cohousing Association of the US’. As Tours Director, I led a team of volunteers around the country make our national bus tours program a roaring success. Together, we introduced and educated hundreds of Cohousing curious individuals to the world of Cohousing and sharing resources. For several years, I ran fundraising campaigns, was on the team who organized our annual and regional conferences, and was also the Advertising Manager and Marketing Director. I am a founding resident of a Cohousing community in the San Francisco Bay Area.

I am passionate about networking, community building, civic engagement and technology. I build and maintain websites using various tools - making the process as simple as possible, so that my friends and clients can have an elegant, entertaining and functional presence on the world wide web! I am a longtime CiviCRM ambassador, user and one of the CiviCRM SF Bay Area meet up organizers. I am on the leadership teams of 2.Oakland, OpenOakland, OakX and my neighborhood association.